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Millionaire in her teens!
Entrepreneur at age 10

Balancing life, money, family!

Keynote Inspirational Speaker
Author, Trainer, Comedian

Michelle is an expert speaker on Human Rights, Effecting Policy Change, Advocacy, Social Networking, Applying Technology to your life and business. Michelle uses a combination of personal stories, facts and figures, and humour to make presentations enjoyable as well as informative. She is available to speak to small groups or audiences of thousands. Michelle is comfortable in person or through video conferencing technology.

Consultation ...

Michelle has a great knowledge base of expertise with Human Rights both with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. She is also an media wizard and is both effective on delivering a new message as well as coping and managing negative press issues. Michelle can organize and spearhead your publicity campaign or manage your press concerns.

Event Planning ...

Conferences (Domestic or International), Special Events, Festivals, Rallies, and public organizing Michelle has extensive experience in. Regardless if it is a local fundraising event, large conference or International Gala Michelle has the expertise, organization and experience to make it happen for you.

Campaign Managment ...

Political Campaign management for political candidates at the Municipal, Provincial or Federal levels.

Public Speaking

Keynote speaker, panelist, workshop presentations on a variety of topics.

Radio Host

Between the Margins is a show about Human Rights and People's Pursuit of 'Happily Ever After' on CHRW Radio.


Co-investigator on Trans PULSE and regional networker on the Trans Health Project.

Peer Reviewed

  • "I Don't Think This is Theoretical; This is Our Lives." How Erasure Impacts Health Care for Transgender People

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  • Book: Trans Activism in Canada

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